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This documentation is only for the desktop app. It will be updated soon for the mobile apps as well. Thanks for your patience.

Resizing Window

After adding a certain amount of data to Radar, your Radar window might look a little cramped due to the overflow of data, like the one in the image below.

radar cramped window

There are three things you can do,

  1. Resizing Radar just like any other application window.
  2. Hide the buttons on the listing page.
  3. Removing the icon from your data.

1. Resizing Radar by click and drag

You can adjust both height and width using this method. First, move your cursor to the edge of the window. Once the pointer icon changes, click and drag.


2. Hiding the buttons

Click on the gear icon and turn on the "Display buttons only on hover" setting. Now, you will only see the buttons when you hover over your data.

3. Removing icons

If you want more room for your data, you can remove the icon. From a data row, select the pencil icon, click Next. Now, empty the Icon URL textbox and save.