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Bring data from a Google Sheet to Radar

Don't know how this works? Please refer to how to use Radar collections.

The Alphanumeric string between /d/ and /edit in your sheet URL
Eg: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/[sheet ID]/edit#gid=0

Name of the Sheet (Optional)

By default, fetches data from the first sheet

Cell Value

Get the value from a cell or the total number of non-empty rows or columns from the range or post-process the data yourself. You will see N/A at first on Radar when you choose custom above.

A cell or Range. Eg: B4, A2:A, B2:2, C5:H7

How you want to name this data on Radar

Never (manual refresh)

How often Radar should refresh the data in the background

More than

Triggers a desktop notification when the threshold is reached. For more control see the notification docs.